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Residential Homes

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    All our services are customized to meet the specific needs of each customer. We will schedule a time to meet with you, inspect the premises to determine what your specific needs may be. We will review options based on our findings and let you make the final discussions on what services you choose to have performed. After all, you are our Boss!

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(New Start) Includes:

  • Treatment of attic and crawl spaces.
  • Interior treatment of all baseboards.
  • Interior treatment under all sinks.
  • Exterior treatment to eve's and overhangs of home.
  • Exterior treatment around all windows.
  • Exterior treatment around all doors.
  • Exterior treatment around all openings.
  • Exterior treatment to foundation and up three (3' ft) from foundation.
  • Ten foot (10' ft) treatment barrier around home.

Note: Treatment of attic and crawl space completed on initial startup. All of the above treatment is completed at the frequency requested by customer.

   We call and set appointments for each customer prior to your next service date, unless otherwise directed.

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    If you are currently having an insect or pest problem and are unable to identify what it is. You can take the following steps:

   1. Get some clear scotch tape. When you see an insect or pest you can catch it and place it on the tape and fold the tape in half. Be sure not to smash or crush the insect so an identification can be made when we come visit you.

   2. Catch it in a clear jar and or tupperware so it can be identified. We carry some bug samples around with us from time to time to show our customers.

   3. Take a clear close up photo of it against a contrasting back ground and with an other object so that the size of insect can be easily understood, a penny, nickel, dime, and or quarter works great. Send the photo to the number listed at the right of this page or send it to us in an email so we can attempt to identify it for you.